Wednesday, 18 July 2007

MTTs hurt

Well - no result in Week 11

I had a very fast out after first flopping a straight where I did well to lose not everything about the Villains Flush Draw (I hate calling stations) ... and then pushed my trip Ks into a Full House, gg me

Hattricks did not last very longer, so we were down to JackTen and langboy ... JackTen lasted long, but never came really into the flow due to ladbrokes not giving out good cards to Team Sooooted Connectors... Langboy had a decent tourney, but was very card dead - and when he pushed AJ sooooted he was instacalled by AQ ... no improvement - 89th

Still 9 weeks to go ... and we are still in the race!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

There is still Civ3

... well - The Daddy Tournament does not like me, but there is always Civilization III!

After going out of the Daddy Tournament (running my Full House into quads) I disconnected and went on on my task to let my civilization prosper. The Persian Empire had some idea of trampling across my fields so I politely asked em to bugger off - which made them declare war... A couple of hours later Persia is almost gone - and so are all the tilty feelings!

I am so happy I discovered Civilization again - perfect tilt controll!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Lucky me

Just played the biggest crapshot qualifier ever ($10 rebuy, 3 min levels) and won myself a seat for tonights "Whos your daddy" ... I am definitly not doomswitched anymore at laddies

Mission accomplished

At the end of June I posted a short list of my targets for July ... and I managed to accomplish the most important mission ... I made more than 200 points.

In last night Captains Challenge I finished 4th - which made us 500 points, $222 + an extra $50 for every team member.
Yesterday, for once, I was playing very good - I made one rather bad call (cold calling an All In with an open ended straight), but from that point I believe I played quite well ... I was very cold decked for long periods, but whenever I came into the auto-push area I got decent hands, which made survival much easier.

Soooted Connectors should be in the Top 7 again ... so we are definitley still in the race for the cruise!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Good run ... no result

It did look very promising tonight, but we failed to make points ...

We managed to have everyone on start, and our first casualty came just before the first break ... langboy went out in 270th position.

After that we all had a great second hour and were all above the average, and I cannot speak about the others, but I had only a few decent hands, but they did really pay off!

Hattricks went out in position 128 ... and Jackten and me looked very strong, mixing it up upfront!

In the third hour the cooler came ... I had some swings, but looked really good (approx. position 10) and JackTen came back from almost last position ...
Then _JackTen_ pushed with KQ on Qxx board - but he was called from AQ - out he went in position 75!

I followed almost soon after ... I raised with K10 to steal the blinds, only to get a small reraise from the small (who attacked my steal attempts earlier already) ... I called and the board came K83 rainbow ... I pushed all in ... Instacall y Villain - he held AA and I did not improve, resulting in my departure in position 70!

Next week is "Captains week", so I have to do all the hard work on my own - I hope I manage to get some points for our team (+ their is money for the whole team in it, if I get into the top 5)