Thursday, 31 May 2007

If I may ...

May is over and so are the first four events of ladbrokes poker league ... After 20% of the events we dropped another position and are now number 3 in the league.
We have a new leader, and this team proves that consistancy is the way to win the whole thing! Team CLAUS AALING CHRISTIANSEN scored for the fourth time - and this time they made enough points to take over the lead.

Sueco Locos 1120
Soooted Connectors 1040
Under 18 1000

116 teams scored so far - and registration is closed now ...
Check out the league tables yourself at ladbrokes poker!

I hope we can get a little bit more consistent in June, too - but would always swap consistancy for another win!!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Poor PerFOURmance

Week Four did not result in any points for Team Soooted Connectors ...

Riverlucker went out within minutes ... his flopped straight did not hold, as an unknown fish hit his gutshot (nuts) straight on the river ... with only 20 chips left - short action this time, hopefully next time he will last longer.

4h3h and Hattricks struggled almost from the start but managed to survive the first hour - only to end their day shortly after the first break.

Langboy looked very promising again - he managed to get up to 16k chips quite early, but then he was not dealt any decent cards any more ... Attempts to steal or raise, were met by reraises and poor langboy slowly lost his chips again ... With 71 players still in Mike got dealt A9 in the small blind and moved all in, as he got no room left for fancy raises - it was all in or fold ...
The Big Blind did not think long and called - his A10 hold - and our last man standing went out 71st.

The new structure and starting time should be nicer and we still hope to score big and get back on top of the league ... I guess some other teams made big points so we are definitley going down - for now ...

Stay tuned for more updates about Team Soooted Connectors

Monday, 28 May 2007

More time - more fun

Cruise Event No 4 is this night, and laddies introduced a new blind structure - instead of 12 minutes every level lasts now for 15 minutes ... We´ll see how much it changes the game, but I guess it won´t affect us to much - the push fold time will come later and I guess that are good news.

Good luck to all team members - lets take it down tonight!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Top of the League - not

Cruise League Leaderboard was updated and we moved down one position and are now Top of the League +1 ...

New Number One is "Sueco Locos" - the team of this weeks number one ...
Our joint leader from last week the "Under 18" failed to score, and remain at 1000 points...

Top 5:
Sueco Locos 1080
Soooted Connectors 1040
Under 18 1000
Eatmystack Desperados 920
Pride of the North 860

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Week Three of the Cruise League added 40 more points to Team Soooted Connectors score!
Hattricks was first of our team to finish the tournament - his A10 looked nice on a 10 8 4 board - unfortunatley the villain had pocket 8s! He´ll be back next week.
My story is not very interesting either ... after doubling up a short stack (his 33 hold against my AQs) I was under pressure for a long time and when I thought I had the chance to double up myself I discovered that the other guy held the better hand ...Place 361 for me ...

The rest of the team did much better - _JackTen_ was under pressure as the money bubble approached but managed to get into the money anyway. Then he made nice comeback and went from 3200 to 16k ... only to find out that QQ are not as good as KK ... GG anyway - place 54 was just 4 places short of points.

Our long missed team mate Langboy secured points for the team - he was not able to play too many cards, as his deck seemed to be rather cold, but he went up position by position. When his stack got to short he discovered the mighty 47 - being the Small Blind he pushed ... the Big Blind thought for some time, but then bravely decided to call - with 10 7 ... The flop brought a well deserved 4 - but the river was not with langboy! A 10 put him out of the game! GG Mike and 40 points for our team ... you really should play every week!

I had a quick look at the other teams on top of the leaderboard and none of them scored big ... yesterdays winner jacksbee1 made the first points for his team, so there is the probability that we are top of the league for another week! I´ll update that tomorrow!

Monday, 21 May 2007

Change at Cruise League System/Monday review

I got an e-mail from LadbrokesPoker asking, if we would prefer changes to the starting structure + starting time of the tourney ... I´d favour 15 minute levels and a starting time at 19:35 GMT and so would langboy ... while Patricks does not really care, we are only waiting for Riverluckers response and as soon as I get that I will get back to laddies!

Tonight is League Event 3 and after a weak week 2, I hope we manage to get 4 starters in this event. We are still top of the league and I guess with some points we could manage to stay just there. I had a fairly decent night yesterday, making the money in mansions 100k guaranteed and in the Sunday Million - no big money though!

Good luck to Team Soooted Connectors, let´s take it down tonight!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

We(a)ek Two

No good news in week two: Despite the extra motivation from Schweigi's sensational 1st place last week, none of the soooted connectors was able to collect any of the precious points. However, the only success this week is that we could increase our participation from 2 to 3 players ;) Hattricks went out in 550th, 3h4h in 500th and JackTen in 450th position. The latter two were caught when they tried to bluff there way out of a pot.

But there is always next week. With 4 players, assuming langboy will finally enter the competition, we want to defend our top-3 position. Hopefully the blind-structure changes until then so the game isn't such a crap-shoot after the first hour!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Great start to League

1000 points to team Soooted Connectors, after I managed to take down yesterdays event. We had a bad start, as two team members could not start, but then the day just turned perfect ... while _JackTen_ lost all of his races, I just could not lose yesterday and accumulated chip after chip.
Coming to the FT I had 50 percent of the tournaments chips and I could play my big chip stack! A lot of people complained about my calls, but you cannot lay down KQ against an all in move of your opponent, when he has only 5 percent of your stack.
After 4,5 hours I came out winner of the tourney - cashing in $4200 + 1000 points for my team.

I hope next week one of our team can manage a similary satisfying result!