Friday, 29 June 2007

Another Month gone

... and it was far from perfect ...

I wish all members of Team Soooted Connectors and the readers (all five of you) of this blog a succesful July ...

I know it may look stupid afterwards, but I am going to post my goals for July ... right now and here, where the public can see it and rip me apart for failing ...

A) Qualify for EPT Barcelona
B) score more than 100 Cruise League Points
C) win 2k+ in one Tournament
D) If qualification for Barcelona fails, win enough to buy into the Bodensee Open in Bregenz (Thursdays €1000 Event) in my Cash Game (meaning approx. $1500)

So ... I hope I can reach my targets by July 31st ... I´ll keep you updated, whenever I hit one of em ...

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Rockets vs Snowmen

Good news first - I am getting dealt excellent hands again at Ladbrokes

but, they do not pay off - in Yesterdays Cruise League Event I got them 3 times within 20 minutes ... first time I could extract a whopping additional 80 chips to the Blinds, second time I just got the blinds and third time my rockets were blewn out of the sky. I got them dealt in Late Position and made a small raise, SB called, BB folded ... Flop Q86 - raise from Villain, I reraise (I made that move with worse hands before, being the aggressive maniac I am) and she insta-shoved all in ... I thought for a second but then called, as I thought that my table image should be that of a thieving maniac ...

She showed 88 ... turn and river were no help, so I was sent to the rail in position 303!

Unfortunately Langboy and JackTen failed to score, too and Hattricks had technical problems ... so another blank this week!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Dropped out of Top 10

Well ... with our recent results it had to be expected ... after week 7 we dropped out of the Top Ten of the Poker Cruise Leagues Table...

BUT - Last week I dreamed that we are going to finish 1st and 10th in one week ... I hoped it was week 7, but quite clearly was wrong, so I guess it most be week 8.

OMG - I am going psycho

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

10 points in week 7

Due to a packed timetable only a short update ... _JackTen_ came in 48th and we added 10 points to our score ...


Wednesday, 13 June 2007

More Caribbean News

The European Poker Tour released its schedule for the Season Four and for the first time ever a "Non-European Location" was added! Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure, which was a WPT Event, is now one of the brand new EPT Locations - the Event will take place in the first week of January and should be fun. They also added Prague - but no date was added so far ... The buy in will be €8000 this season - so expect more expensiv qualifiers, but also bigger prizes ...

I am really looking forward to this, as one of my targets this year is to play at least one of the Season 4 events!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

I am not the Daddy

... after almost 2 hours I just dropped out of Ladbrokes "Who's your daddy" Tournament in a heartbreaking way --- I raised with 99 and another guy who has almost as many chips as I have (about 3,8k) goes all in. I think forever and then decide that I really need a double up and call. He shows me 22! On the flop I make a set - only to lose to a flush on the river ...

The tournament itself is quite interesting and I'd expected a higher standard of play to be honest - I definitley going to give this another shot soon.

One Hit Wonder?

Week 6 of the Cruise League was another no scoring week and we are still (almost) a One Hit Wonder.

Apologies to my team - I made a terrible call in my first hand and was eleminated second to last ... I hold the invincible weapon of AJ with a flop of QJ4 ... the other guy check-called a small raise after the flop, Turn Rag - he checks, I check and after a raggy river Villain goes all in ... I thought forever, even took my time bank and then thought - "I won´t be pushed around by your AK" and called ... he flips over QQ ... good night, well played Sir.

Although I wrote about being more aggressive I did not intend to be that loose, but it just looked like a blatant steal.

The rest of the team played way better, but no points either.
Hattricks had a two pair vs. set confrontation; JackTen ran AK into AA and Langboy, who survived longest pushed with 55, but the Big Blind showed him his Austrian Airlines and Team Soooted Connectors was done with this tournament.

While watching langboy I had a nice result and qualified for tonights "Whos your Daddy" tournament - maybe I last longer there ... updates on that tomorrow

Monday, 11 June 2007

A new mindset

Tonight is the 6th event of the Cruise League and I thought it was about time to revise my last weeks ...

I guess the win in week one, plus the reception I got on that afterwards somehow crippled my play at ladbrokes ... A lot of people told me that I was just lucky and although I knew that it was not completely true (I was very very lucky a lot of times, but I was playing perfect big stack bully poker) I somehow adjusted to that and tried not to outdraw others, but to only get in with the best hand ... but this is not the way I normally play and I am not feeling to comfortable with it.

So tonight it might be "luckbox-poker" again ... I am going to punish the weak-tight play that is so common on laddies ...

So tomorrow you might read about me dropping out very early, but if i manage to build some kind of a big pot, I might go deep ... and scratching 10 points won´t help us anyway - we need big scores.

What we also need is a four man team - so I really hope, that langboy is playing tonight ...

Good luck Team Soooted Connectors ...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Don't mention Day 5

I am soooo disappointed ... Langboy did not show up, I ran my KK into AA and riverlucker and hattricks failed to score, too.

The tournament is not attracting that many players any more, but we somehow just cannot score at the moment ... I played way better than the last few times, but still believe that I have to improve by miles to ever get to the FT again.

Well - there is always next week, and maybe coming from behind stimulates our poker instincts

Beers are on you Mike!

Monday, 4 June 2007

A day to remember?

Month one of our cruise league adventure was quite good and I believe we should try to get a head start in June, too. Two of our members are playing from such exotic locations like Birmingham (the other one from Ibiza) - so lets hope that this holiday spirit frees our mind to take down Event 5 of the Cruise League.

I believe I am going to play the Mansion 100k next to the Cruise League - so if I do not chat to much it is not a sign of inpolitness - I am just busy taking down the other tourney, too.

Feeling good today - so let´s ship it!